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Graphite Products

Graphite Electrodes, Graphite Blocks, ISO Static Graphites and machined components manufactured using the best Calcined Petroleum Coke. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry. Ameri-Source warehouses all varieties of graphite and has a large inventory of various grades of graphite and can provide machined graphite components on a short turn around.

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Graphite Electrodes

Continuous development in Electric Arc Furnaces & Ladle Technology has led to the need of Graphite Electrodes of very stringent quality. Emergence of DRI, HBI, Sponge Iron as potential source of raw material as against steel scrap revolutionized Electric Steel Making Industry, Higher Capacities of Electric Arc Furnace with bigger size, UHP Electrodes are common requirements of Electric Steel Industry. The emphasis is on better consumption norms & least electro mechanical problems.CEL keeps abreast of technological developments in EAF's at its customers end in order to carry on R&D efforts to meet their ever-changing and or their demanding requirements.

Ameri-Source™ Specialty Products is a leading provider of graphite ...
Specialty Graphite Block and Rod

Specialty Graphite Block and Rod